Stage To Sell

Staging invokes a positive emotional response from a buyer allowing them to connect with the property immediately and on a personal level increasing the desire to buy the home.
Creating a positive first impression is crucial when selling your home. Todays savvy buyers will spend hours mulling over MLS listings compiling a must see list. It is imperative that your home makes the short list by causing it to stand out against the competition and linger in the minds of potential buyers.
We believe that marketing the home to garner mass appeal means leaving no stone unturned, and that includes marketing from inside the home. The bar has been raised and failing to properly prepare your home for sale will cost you money. Don’t undersell your most valuable asset!



In real estate, homes that are unkempt or poorly maintained are used as leverage to sell the “better looking” property. Don’t let your hard earned dollars be leverage for the competition.
Did you know vacant properties could be just as much a deterrent as clutter?
Sound travels and echoes in empty spaces, leaving your buyer feeling cold.
When there is nothing else to look at, buyers will start to pick away at any imperfection in the property. This can lead to a dramatic price reduction.
Showcasing allows buyers to view property as it was meant to be. Tricky floor plans can derail a potential sale. Buyers need to know if their possessions will fit and how.
Carefully designed floor plans will entice the buyer to view the property further.