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In an effort to increase the supply of affordable housing, Toronto City Council passed a by-law in 2000 that legalized second suites, also known as accessory apartments.
Second suites are now legal in the City of Toronto in all single family and semi-detached homes, providing they meet certain criteria, including fire and building codes. Following is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the legalization of existing second suites and the creation of new second suites in the City of Toronto.  This background information was adapted from information provided by the City of Toronto planning staff. For legal and zoning information on second suites in other Greater Toronto Area municipalities, please contact your local planning department. 


What is a second suite?

A second suite is a self-contained unit (rental or rent-free) in a single-detached or semi-detached house. Most second suites are basement apartments. They have also been called granny flats, in-law suites and accessory apartments. 

Are second suites new?

No. In the past, second suites were permitted in some areas of the City (York, East York, and parts of former Etobicoke, North York, and Toronto).  Some parts of the City have had a long experience with this form of housing. 

Where are second suites permitted in the City?

The by-law permits second suites in all single-detached and semi-detached homes throughout the City of Toronto – with certain conditions.

What are some of the condition that apply to second suites?

Some of the conditions include:

How can I find out if an existing second suite complies with the regulations?

The unit will have to be inspected by Fire Department staff. There is a fee for the inspection and you may be required to upgrade the suite to meet the code requirements and other standards. Contact the City’s Urban Planning and Development Services Department for more information. 

Will a second suite impact property taxes?

In most cases, there will be little impact on property taxes. A major exception would be where the second suite is created by constructing an addition, thereby significantly adding to the value of a house. 

Renting or renovating second suites can be a great way to add value and income to your home. Talk to a Sandra Rinomato Realty Sales Representative for more information.